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Gospel Outreach Australia

GO Teams

Click on the image above to open the interactive world map

What is a GO Team?

What are the GO Team Goals?

A GO Team (Gospel Outreach Team) is a group of outreach workers who are sharing the Gospel message in their community. There are currently over 1100 GO Teams in the network from more than 100 countries around the world. You can click on the interactive map above to find out more about GO in each country. 

1. To saturate a local area with the Gospel message using all means available

2. To multiply to form new teams locally and beyond through training and equipping 


What we offer GO Teams?

We offer GO Teams the following links and resource options to help them share the Gospel and multiply. They are a combination of GO resources and the best from other ministries: 

1.     Free Evangelism and Multiplication Training Manual

2.     Free Printable Evangelism Tool Customised for their country

3.     Free Articles to Help with Fundraising

4.     Free Evangelism Training Course to help train others

5.     Free Bible and Leadership Training Courses

6.     Free Bible App with 1277 versions available and 927 different languages

7.     Free Bible in a Year study option with commentary

8.     Free Gospel App links

9.     Free Bibles link

10.   Free School of Mission Course

11.   Links to Micro Enterprise organisations (loans for projects etc)

12.   Free Bible and Theology Training

13.   Free Disciple Making Library

14.   Keys to keeping a GO Team going long term

15.  Team is added to the GO Team world map

How do you join the GO Team network and receive the above resources?

1. Register an existing team: If you already have a Gospel Outreach Team established and want to be included in the GO Team network please send details of your outreach work and a clear photo of your team if possible. We will then add you to the GO Team network: 


2. Set up a new Gospel Outreach Team: If you want to set up a new team please contact us directly to discuss options for your specific situation:

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