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We offer outreach tools, training and a team network to equip and encourage outreach workers around the world to spread the Gospel and multiply:


1. Tools:  We have produced customised outreach tools for every country in the world

2. Training:  We train Christians to use these tools effectively to share the Gospel and make disciples

3. Teams:  We offer the GO Team network for encouragement


We pray that you will be encouraged and equipped as you browse this site.


May God bless your efforts






The ministry of Gospel Outreach International was founded in Auckland, New Zealand in 2002'. Over the years it has continued to expand with a wide range of tools and training materials now available and GO teams launching around the world. Here is a basic timeline of Gospel Outreach International: 

The ministry begins with the printing of 5000 ‘The Test’ tracts 

A number of new resources were created and over 300,000 Gospel tracts were printed to keep up with demand. 
The ministry was officially established as a Charitable Trust. New customised outreach resources begin to be produced for every country on earth. GO took part in a full mission tour of New Zealand with many thousands hearing or receiving the Gospel through literature. 

The total number of resources produced since GO started in 2002 passed the 1,000,000 mark. Ministry took place in Tonga and a UK tour was embarked upon to look at expanding further. 

A GO Team was sent to Tonga for the King's Coronation and managed to distribute approx 19,000 tracts and shared the Gospel in schools, prison, hospital, on the radio, on TV, in church etc. The year ended with the beginnings of a new team approach to ministry and the desire to really multiply the work. 

Online training was launched with new material getting produced, a training manual and a new laminated one on one booklet for personal work. Numerous outreaches were held around towns/cities in New Zealand and a team was sent to Sydney where 9 trainers worked with a church in Parramatta and evangelised at various places around the city (Opera house, George St, Bondi Beach, Paramatta etc). The first official GO Team Outreach was held in Auckland. Since then we have held literally hundreds of GO Outreaches around NZ and other countries.     

An updated Gospel Outreach International website was launched. The main site hosted customised pages for 12 countries. A GO representative was invited to attend the Lausanne Evangelism conference in South Africa as part of a New Zealand delegation.

A new strategy of multiplication was launched which included a step by step training program, training manual and website that can keep track of progress for each person. Gospel Outreach set up a simple, systematised training program that can help equip Christians to share the Gospel and get involved in outreach. 

A big focus for the year was planting GO Teams in churches using a new ½ Day Seminar. Seminars took place in various locations in New Zealand and Australia during the year. A new online training course was put together which could be accessed by anyone, anywhere and offered almost the entire ½ day seminar on video with a matching question and answer session similar to our training manual. This is the same course we use today. By the end of the year we had over 120 students from 26 countries. The setting up of church based GO Teams (Gospel Outreach Teams) became the major focus of the ministry as these teams have all the key ingredients for sustainability (prayer, finance, people etc). We also had a major upgrade to our Questions of Life website. 

We continued to look at setting up GO Teams with seminars taking place in Melbourne and Fiji as well as NZ. The online training course exploded with over 2400 people from 135 countries signing up which was very exciting. Over 300 of those contacts from 61 countries ordered the printable resources. Teams were sent out regularly to various places around NZ and to Samoa. New resources were also produced for mobile devices. 

During the year we launched Gospel Outreach Days which involved contacts from around the world outreaching on the same day. The first outreach had workers from over 20 countries sign up to participate. The online training course signups continued to grow and more focus was put into developing deeper connections with those who signed up by offering printable resources, a training manual and other materials. The Test booklet was added to with commonly asked questions and follow up material making the booklet 24 pages. With help from Google our online training course exploded with new signups totalling over 5500 from more than 150 countries by the end of the year. 

By the end of the year we had GO Teams from 25 countries in the network and passed 8000 online course signups from over 160 countries! In total the ministry had over 9000 contacts around the world by the end of the year. It was also another breakthrough year as we began using a new Community Questionnaire to help promote local Church ministries to the community. This resulted in a lot of interest from Churches wanting to increase the number of contacts in their community. 

The work of GO continued to expand with over 230 GO Teams joining the network and launching out into 70 countries around the world by the end of the year. The online training course passed 11,000 signups from 171 countries and a range of helpful links, resources and training materials were being offered to GO Teams. The vision of multiplying GO Teams around the world was sharpened and the ministry focus remained on Tools, Training and Teams. 

This was another good year of multiplication with the online course passing 14,300 signups from 176 countries and the GO Team network expanding to over 540 teams in 87 countries. The focus on Tools, Training and Teams has been working very well. We look forward to helping many more GO Teams be self-sustaining and able to multiply in the years ahead. 


This year the GO Team network grew to over 1000 outreach teams in 106 countries. During the year a GO representative went on a round the world trip meeting a number of GO Team leaders. The goal of multiplication continues with a focus on personal discipleship and team multiplication.  


We had another productive year as the ministry remained focused on tools, training and teams with the goal to spread the Gospel everywhere. At the end of 2019 the ministry details were as follows:

- Over 1300 GO Teams from 112 Countries registered in the network

- Over 15,900 people from 177 countries have signed up to our online training course

- Resources have been sent to more than 3700 contacts in 143 countries

- We now offer customised outreach resources for all 194 countries on earth in 35 languages

- The Questions of Life website has passed 90,000 hits from 175 countries


During the year we experienced some disruption due to the Covid19 pandemic but managed to hold many outreaches during the year and improved our online outreach through Facebook and chat messages. Letterbox Gospel distribution became a focus again. At the end of 2020 the ministry details were as follows:

- Over 1350 GO Teams from 113 Countries registered in the network

- Over 17,000 people from 177 countries have signed up to our online training course

- Resources have been sent to more than 3900 contacts in 143 countries

- We offer customised outreach resources for all 194 countries on earth in 35 languages

- The Questions of Life website has passed 96,000 hits from 175 countries

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