Why is there Suffering?

Poverty, war, famine, disease, injustice, discrimination, sexual/physical/mental abuse...the list goes on. It is clear that we live in an imperfect world in which there is much suffering. The question of why there is so much suffering and what causes it can be complex. While some causes are more obvious such as human greed and selfishness leading to much of the poverty, famine and war around the world. Other types of suffering are more complex and need to be wrestled with more deeply. To explore this issue go to...www.questionsoflife.com

What is the Meaning of Life?

Why are we here? What is the ultimate purpose of life? How can i make the most of my short time on earth? These questions can be summarised by asking ‘What is the Meaning of Life?’ The clearest and simplest answer to this question is...‘The meaning of life is to know God, live for Him in this life and enjoy being with Him forever in Heaven’. This is the reason we were created and the road to fulfillment, meaning and happiness in this life and the life to come. For more information go to www.questionsoflife.com

Who is Jesus?

There is no doubt that Jesus Christ is one of the most influential people in history. The fact His life split the time line and we refer to history as BC and AD is evidence of His impact. There are currently approx 2 billion people around the world who claim allegiance to Him. But who is Jesus really? What is He really like? How can one person have such an enormous impact on the world in only 33 years of life? To find out more about one of the most significant figures in human history go to www.questionsoflife.com

Proof God exists

Logically and rationally we know that a building needs a builder to exist as no building just builds itself. A painting needs to be painted by someone, it does not just appear by accident. Likewise, creation with all it’s beauty and complexity has a Creator. The creation itself is one of the main evidences that there is in fact a Creator God. However, this is not the only evidence... To find out more logical and rational reasons to believe that God exists go to www.questionsoflife.com