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Questions of Life Campaign

This is a strategic plan to see more genuine conversions in Western Churches. The low key approach involves a resource stand for your Church foyer and a website that looks at a number of commonly asked questions people have such as ‘Why is there suffering?’, ‘What is the Meaning of Life?’, ‘Does God exist?’, ‘Who is Jesus?’ etc. The website allows people to explore these and other questions in their own time and without pressure. If they have further questions they can ask their own question online, talk to a Christian friend or ask about finding a local Church using the online option. Having many options for a non-Christian to connect with a local Church is a key to this strategy. 


The Step by Step plan is as follows: 


Step 1. Get a Questions of Life stand with resources and promo material included


Step 2. Play the promo clips in your Church services and include the insert in your newsletter


Step 3. Church members use the resources to start spiritual conversations and refer people to the Questions of Life website (full online training provided)


Step 4. Non-Christians explore the website and re-connect with their Christian friend or make contact online


Step 5. Some become Christians, join the local Church and begin sharing with others 

Questions of Life Stand

Questions of Life Resources

The resources are great to use with friends, family, workmates or with strangers as they are non-confrontational and easy to give away. The stand is also ideal for Church visitors as they can freely take the resources. 

Promo Clips for your Church service...

To download this video: Click Here

To download this video: Click Here

To download this video: Click Here

Social Media Clip...

This clip is for non-Christians and can be used by Christians on social media like Facebook to engage their friends, family and workmates with some of the big questions of life. The link to share is

Questions of Life Website

 The Questions of Life Full Pack includes the following: 

- 1 Outreach Stand

- 300 Questions of Life Resources (Tracts Only)

- Promo clip to play in your Church

- Insert for your Church bulletin

- Full online training course

The cost is only $59 plus p&p

To order please contact us directly at

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